postheadericon 13 Important Points to Know About Pre-Workout Nutrition

While plotting your diet plan, it is important that you eat right before your workout session. If you fail to do this, you will not perform well for the workout and will also not recover that quickly.

The most important times for you to fuel your body are the few hours before you exert extra energy. So do not ignore these pre-workout considerations while evaluating your nutritional requirements.

1. Your muscles need protein for support, so consume at least 10 grams of lean proteins before a workout.

2. Time your healthy meals properly. If you plan to immediately head to the gym, opt for simple carbs for instant energy. If you plan to go after an hour or so, opt for complex carbs which take longer to digest.

3. Reduce your fat intake as too much of fat before a workout session makes you feel slow and sluggish. Maintain your fat intake to less than 5 grams for this meal.

4. As the body only uses glucose as a fuel source for intense exercise, eating something before any intense training is a must for optimal performance. If you don’t, you’ll crash fast and so hard that you may even start feeling shaky and weak.

5. Avoid eating too much fruit as though healthy in general, if fruits are eaten pre-workout, they can cause digestive distress.

6. It’s better to prepare your pre-workout meal the night before. This way the chances of your skipping it are reduced.

7. Drink lots of water as it’s important you stay hydrated during your session. So drink at least 8 ounces of water before your workout and continue drinking water throughout the session.

8. Consider eating whey isolate protein powder as it’s convenient and delivers nutrients to the muscle tissue quickly for your coming workout.

9. Don’t eat more than 300 calories of food. This is usually sufficient for most people and anything extra causes cramping.

10. If you have a habit of working out first thing in the morning, you could drink a protein shake. This is the easiest way for you to get the nutrition you require without feeling too full to move.

11. Learn to read your body signals and understand your body. You will find that some foods tend to work better for you than others as your pre-workout meal.

12. Avoid eating vegetables before a workout as they have too much fiber which will just sit in your system while you work out. Vegetables are better kept for a later time during the day.

13. Avoid eating high-volume foods or foods that take up large amount of space in the stomach as they just cause discomfort, especially if the sport or activity you do requires lots of different movements like yoga.

In a nutshell

It is important that you take time out to plan your pre-workout meal; it will serve you well in the long run. If you eat properly before your workouts, you will feel much better after the workout. Moreover, the food you consume will kick-start your recovery so that your body makes maximum use of the time and energy you devote to the gym.

postheadericon 7 Top Tips for the Nutritious Breakfast

It is a fact that nutritious breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why you should eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper! If you manage to serve a delicious and appealing breakfast, you find it much easier for yourself to control your food cravings through the day. At the same time, you also provide your body with an instant boost of nutrition for the day, when you need it the most.

This is why breakfast is the perfect opportunity for you to provide your body with the lean proteins, many antioxidants and dietary fibre it requires to go through the day. So to help you start a healthy diet with great breakfast recipes, here are some tips worth knowing.

1. First of all, you need to keep your calorie intake in mind as your breakfast should constitute about 25-30% of your total daily calorie requirements. Incorporate sufficient amounts of protein in your morning meal in the form of fresh eggs, beans, lean meat or even protein powder.

2. Consider how much of time you need to prepare your breakfast. Decide this based on the amount of time you have first thing in the morning to prepare breakfast. If you have to rush out of the door practically every morning, then it’s better to look for breakfast options that take only 10 and not 30 minutes to prepare.

3. In case you can or will take time out for breakfast, you have to decide which foods you will look forward to eating. Though this seems an obvious strategy, many dieters do the mistake of just eating and forcing food they don’t enjoy.

4. Decide how much work you have to do for the day and accordingly decide how much fuel you need for the day. You may need more carbohydrates in the morning to run errands and if you are spending the day at the office, fruits and vegetables may suffice. Make your choices based on your personal taste preferences.

5. You also need to think how the food you eat will affect you. Try eating a carb-rich breakfast in the morning and if you notice you start feeling sleepy in mid-day, it means you should have a lower carb breakfast.

6. Choose your breakfast based on your body weight goals. If you want a low-calorie breakfast, it may be better to opt for a leaner option like an omelette of egg white and vegetables. It’s a smarter choice for you than a bowl full of carb-laden cereal.

7. You have to think about satiety while planning your breakfast. If it will be a long time before you have lunch, it’s better to fill your breakfast with as much fibre as possible to increase the total breakfast digestion time.

In a nutshell, spending some time planning the right breakfast for yourself will be well worth your efforts. No matter what your nutritional or weight loss goals are, planning your breakfast is one of the best things you can do to ensure you stick to your diet plan, and will sooner or later move towards the weight and physique you crave.

postheadericon Dealing With Heart Surgery

Dealing with heart surgery, disease and ailments is very hard. The hardness comes to the people who care the most. The individual, if they are old or young enough to remember, has to go through a traumatic experience that will most likely change the rest of their life. The people who love the individual have many sets of characteristics depending upon the relationship.

A mother sitting on the beach is one way that I like to start this short but inspirational story. She is sitting there on a beach with her friend. The wind is blowing off the sea. A wine bottle is open. Glasses are filled for conversation to ensue. The mother asks the friend how she is supposed to deal with everything going on. She has to plan her second childs funeral before he has even had a chance to grow.

The pain that is understood by this mother could teach people wisdom through many centuries. The father is in no better shape. He wishes to be there to hold his son just a few times before he goes into the spirit world whatever he may believe. Having to work and having family all around seem almost endless as he thought about this young three-week old child that now has to go into surgery.

Touch and go move through the family. It is amazing how tragedy brings people together more often than not. This makes me believe in humanity. Each person that even just reached out with a word of kindness to that mother must be destined to be a good person if they so choose.

A hand to share, hugs to pass around and a glass of wine if need be. The best cure to going through a series of heart issues as this family has suffered is to open up. Talk to people and let them know how you feel. Most people will listen and sometimes that is all we need. Those that have family members and friends that are going through any form of tragedy just need to lend an ear to comfort.

That family is my family. I was the three-week old infant to go into open heart surgery for congenital heart failure. It is a staple in my life that has always allowed me to be so self motivated. The doctors had told my parents I would not exist in this plane of existence without many health problems. I grew.

My mind grew. My body grew. My heart grew. Hold hope and even if such a tragedy as it goes the other way find people who will listen. Do not lose yourself in the depths of sadness. Stand up and move on. This is what I would have wanted for my parents if things had gone badly and I truly believe they would have because they are very strong people.